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Four Ways Long-Distance Caregivers Can Help Their Dad

Here are a few facts that many people don't realize. First, 33% of family caregivers who work find it hard to arrange the care their parent needs. Second, 13% of these family caregivers live an hour or more from their parent. When you live in another state or country, arranging care is complex.

You're not close enough to stop by more than once or twice a year, especially if you live on the other side of the globe. You have a job and need that income, and your dad insists he will not leave his community. How do you help your dad when you're a long-distance caregiver?

Get to Know His Neighbors

When you are in town, get to know his neighbors. Talk to them to see if any are willing to alert you if things seem off. If your dad isn't seen getting his mail in a day or two, his neighbor could alert you.

You should also check if the local police have a similar service. Many do offer wellness checks. They'll stop in quickly to ensure your dad is okay and doesn't need help. If help is needed, the police volunteer will call you.

Video Chat Frequently

Video chat with your dad on his computer or smartphone. You'll be able to see how he is doing. Through these visual check-ins, you can check that he's brushing his hair, shaving, and handling other personal care tasks.

Help Him Out Online

There are some things you can do, even if you're hours away. Help pay his bills on time by arranging automatic payments and verifying that he has the money transferred to cover monthly payments.

When you're online, you can schedule his dental and medical check-ups. Create a shared calendar that he can access to see when he has appointments. If he has a smart speaker or display, by asking it each morning what's on the schedule, he'll have reminders when an appointment is coming up.

You can also order his prescription refills, groceries, and household supplies online. He needs to bring the packages in when they arrive. Or, you can hire home care assistance to stop by and help carry in packages, open them up, put things where they go, and recycle the boxes.

Arrange Home Care Assistance

Go online or pick up the phone and talk to a home care assistance specialist. Learn more about the benefits of having a paid caregiver available to stop by as often as your dad needs. He has the help he needs each week, and you have peace of mind that he's well cared for.

If you or an aging loved one is considering Home Care Assistance in Reston, VA, please contact the caring staff at Decena Home Care, LLC today. 571-508-7144



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