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Six Tips for Making Home Care a Success

Updated: Sep 14, 2022

Home Care in Mclean
Home Care in Mclean

Help your dad stay at home by using the services offered by elder care aides. When you take the time to arrange the services he needs to maintain his independence, he's supported without having to move from the home he loves. Here are six tips for making Home Care a success.

Be Honest

Be honest with your dad about the care he needs. If you've noticed he's having a harder time walking up and down the stairs, don't hide that you see it. Tell him you've noticed and ask how you can help. If you're honest without being judgmental, he'll be more willing to open up.

Gather the Family

Other family members need to give their input. If you have brothers and sisters who are close with your dad, make sure they are also involved in decision-making. Remember that your dad's input is the most important.

As you discuss your dad's care, see if others in the family have the free time to help him. The more help he has, the easier it will be for him.

Plan Everything But Don't Worry Too Much if Needs Change

When you talk to an elder care agency, try to cover all of your dad's current needs. Put some consideration into future needs. For example, your dad has Parkinson's, and right now, he's in the early stages. You know that in a year, his needs will be different.

You can think about his future needs but focus on his current needs more. Remember that one of the perks of elder care is that the plan you build today can be adapted to fit your dad's needs as they change.

Take Small Steps

Begin with baby steps. Your dad may need daily care, but don't push him too hard. If he needs to start with one home care visit a week, start there. As he adjusts, increase the number of days he's with his caregiver.

Be Present When He's Getting Used to His Caregiver

In the first week, your dad may have a hard time adjusting to having someone outside of the family helping him. He may find it hard to trust a stranger. As he adapts, he won't want to have you around. Support your dad by working from another room in his house.

If he's having a tough moment, you can step in and help him and his caregiver adjust to each other. When they're good on their own, go back to work. Don't involve yourself unless one of them asks for you.

Partner With His Caregivers

Work with a qualified caregiver to ensure your dad gets the best elder care services. Partner with them to fully cover your dad's care. Once you've talked about what he needs and how his needs may change over time, you'll know how to make sure your dad's care needs are met. Call an elder care advisor to learn more.

If you or an aging loved-one is considering Home Care in Mclean, VA, please contact the caring staff at Decena Home Care, LLC today. 571-508-7144


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