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How Can You Tell Your Senior May Have a Hearing Problem?

Home Care in Loudoun
Home Care in Loudoun

Hearing loss isn’t unusual for aging adults, but it’s not something that she just has to accept. The first step is to notice whether your elderly family member has hearing issues or if something else might be going on.

She’s Having More Trouble on the Phone

Many times people who lose their hearing find it difficult to understand people on the phone. If that’s the case for your elderly family member, you might notice that she doesn’t answer the phone anymore or she doesn’t call you as often as she used to. These types of changes might happen gradually, until you suddenly realize that it’s been a while since your senior and you have talked on the phone.

She’s Asking People to Repeat Themselves

Hearing problems mean your elderly family member might miss a lot of the conversation that’s happening around her. When she’s talking to people, she might ask them to repeat themselves, or even complain that they’re talking too low or not enunciating. Eventually, she may stop asking people to repeat themselves, which can lead to many misunderstandings.

The TV Is Getting Louder and Louder

When you visit your senior, are you noticing that the television or radio seem louder than usual? That might not be just because your senior is trying to get an immersive experience. It can directly relate to hearing difficulties, but it doesn’t help. The louder volume usually distorts the audio so much that it gives her even more trouble hearing what she wants to hear.

She’s Experiencing Lots of Tinnitus

If your elderly family member suddenly complains that she’s got a lot of ringing in her ears, that can also be related to hearing loss. Tinnitus is common for people with hearing loss, and it can make it difficult for her to hear at all. When she’s more tired or experiencing too much noise around her, the tinnitus might be worse. It’s worth mentioning tinnitus to your senior’s doctor to see if there’s a possible solution for her.

She’s Withdrawing from Socializing

All too often, people experiencing hearing loss withdraw from the people around them. Your senior may not get out as much as she used to, and she may be wary of having people over. Home care providers can help because they’re accustomed to helping people who can’t hear well. Home care providers can keep your elderly family member from feeling isolated, which can lead to bigger health problems. Home care professionals can also help you keep tabs on whether your elderly family member seems to have as much trouble as you suspect with her hearing, especially if you can’t be there in person to judge for yourself.

If you suspect your aging family member is having trouble with her hearing, it’s important to get her hearing tested. A simple hearing test can help you both figure out next steps.

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