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Camping Tips For Seniors

June is National Great Outdoors Month and it’s the perfect time to think about a family camping trip with your senior loved one. Taking the family out into the wilderness and camping in a state or national park is a fantastic summer trip that everyone in the family can enjoy including your senior loved one. It will give your family a chance to put away their screens and phones and bond under the stars and around the campfire. An In-Home Care services provider might be a good person to take along on this trip.

But if you’re going to bring your senior loved one camping there are some tips you should use to make sure that your senior loved one is safe and comfortable on the trip like:

Plan On Frequent Stops

When you’re traveling make sure that you’re taking rest breaks every hour or two so that your senior loved one can get up, walk around, use the restroom, get a drink, and eat a snack. You don’t want to make your senior parent go too long in the car without the chance to take a break and walk around because that can interfere with their circulation and may cause them to become dehydrated.

Consider In-Home Care To Help Get Your Senior Loved One Ready

Camping is a lot of fun but if your senior parent hasn’t gone camping in a long time or if they aren’t used to being outdoors the trip could be difficult for them. In-home care is a great way to prepare your senior loved one for a camping trip. An in-home care provider can help pack your senior loved one’s pack so that they have everything they need. And they can also start taking your senior loved one on short walks outdoors, increasing the time spent outdoors each time, so that your senior loved one will be in great walking shape and used to being out in the sun when it’s time for the trip.

Consider A Camper

You may want to consider renting an RV or a camper for any family camping trip. Even if you have a car that is built for families like a mini-van it may be bad for a senior loved one’s circulation and comfort to be jammed into a car with the whole family for an entire trip. A comfortable RV or camper will give everyone in the family including your senior loved one room to walk around and spread out. And an RV or camper will have more comfortable sleeping arrangements that are better suited to the needs of a senior. And the fridge will be handy if your senior loved one has medications that they need to keep refrigerated.

Keep Mobility In Mind

When you’re choosing a camping site for the family look for a site that is level and flat, relatively clear without rocks or tree branches, and one that is close to the facilities. It’s important to choose a campsite where your senior loved one will be able to move around easily and safely on their own.

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