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Five Benefits of Avocados for Your Senior

Making changes to your senior’s diet isn’t always easy, especially when you’re trying to make sure she’s getting plenty of nutrients. In-home care providers can make those changes a lot easier. One food your senior may want to look more closely at is the humble avocado.

Avocados Are Nutritionally Dense Food

Avocados are full of nutrients, including antioxidants, healthy fats, fiber, and plenty of vitamins and minerals. One avocado provides almost a quarter of the recommended levels of vitamin C. It’s also high in several B vitamins, magnesium, potassium, and vitamin E. If your elderly family member adds only one healthier food to her diet, she can’t go wrong with avocado.

Avocados Might Be Helpful Against Heart Disease

There’s a lot about avocado and its nutritional profile that suggests eating more avocado regularly can help protect against heart disease. Lots of times people want to avoid foods that are higher in fat content, but avocados can help to manage cholesterol levels rather than contributing to increasing them. Also, avocados are high in magnesium and potassium, which are two nutrients recommended for controlling high blood pressure.

Avocados Are Great for Gut Health

Fiber is incredibly important for gut health and avocado has lots of fiber. It’s also able to feed the healthy bacteria in your senior’s gut, which helps the good bacteria to grow and keep the bad bacteria under better control. If your elderly family member’s doctor has told her to increase the fiber in her diet, avocados are a tasty way to do so. Pairing avocados with whole grains, like quinoa, will bump up the fiber content even more while also giving the good bacteria more probiotics to consume.

The fat in avocado, which might look like a lot at first blush, is considered to be a healthy fat. This is the type of fat you want your senior to eat in order to keep her brain healthy and to fuel her body properly. Eating more avocado can help her to get the healthy fats she might have been missing out on, especially if she’s been trying to eat a low-fat diet.

Avocados Are Delicious

The bottom line is that avocados are delicious, too. And they’re easy to incorporate into your senior’s diet. For instance, you can swap in avocado for mayo in tuna salad and similar dishes while boosting the nutritional level. In-home care providers can help your aging family member to eat a healthier diet, including more avocado. It’s not always easy for seniors to make big changes to their diets but help from home care providers means that your senior just needs to enjoy her delicious meals.

The possibilities are endless when you’re adding avocados to your senior’s diet. Your elderly family member might find that avocado is a lot tastier than she realized, especially if she’s been avoiding giving them a try over the years.

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