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It's National Oreo Cookie Day!!

Here is a dessert that is easy to make and is delicious!!

No-Bake Oreo Dessert This no-bake Oreo dessert has 5 delicious and creamy layers. It starts with an Oreo crust, cream cheese layer, chocolate pudding, whipped topping, then finished with a dusting of crushed Oreo's. It's the perfect recipe for any time of year, but our favorite time to enjoy it is during spring and summer months when it gets warm outside and we want a cold and refreshing dessert. Prep Time: 15 minutes Chill Time: 4 hours Total Time: 4 hours 15 minutes Servings: 20 servings EQUIPMENT 13"x9" glass baking pan INGREDIENTS Crust 40 Oreo cookies regular or double stuf is fine 1/2 cup unsalted butter melted Cream Cheese Layer 8 oz. cream cheese softened 1 cup powdered sugar 8 oz. Cool Whip Chocolate Layer 2 3.9 oz. packages instant chocolate pudding mix 3 1/4 cups cold milk 1%, 2%, or whole is fine Whipped Topping Layer 8 oz. Cool Whip INSTRUCTIONS Crust Crush the Oreos (either in a food processor) in a ZipLock bag and then use a rolling pin to help crush the Oreos. They shouldn’t be in *too* fine of a crumb. Have some slight Oreo chunks throughout. Place the Oreo crumbs in a medium sized bowl. Measure out ¼ cup of Oreo crumbs to use for the top! Stir the melted butter into the Oreo’s and mix to combine. Transfer the Oreo mixture to a 13x9 inch dish. Press the crumb mixture along the bottom of the pan. Refrigerate while you prep the remaining ingredients. Cream Cheese Layer In a medium bowl, beat the cream cheese until smooth (don’t want any lumps). Key to getting a smooth cream cheese layer is to have the cream cheese softened (I’ll even microwave the cream cheese for 20-30 seconds to ensure it’s soft). Once smooth, beat in the powdered sugar. Using a spatula, fold the cool whip into the cream cheese mixture. Spread this mixture over the Oreo crust. Place back in the fridge while you prep the pudding. Make the Pudding Layer In a large bowl mix the pudding and milk for 2 minutes. Let the mixture sit for another 5 minutes then spread the pudding over the cream cheese layer. Spread the 8 oz. Cool Whip over the pudding and top with the remaining crushed Oreos. Refrigerate for 4 hours or overnight, to let set.

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