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Margarita Day

Margarita Day

The earliest occurrence of the famed cocktail was in 1938 by the father of the drink Carlos “Danny” Herrera. He made it in his restaurant located in Baja California, for a famous customer named Marjorie King, a dancer on the hit American theatrical broadway “Ziegfeld follies” because she was allergic to spirits but not tequila — and just like that our beloved drink was born. The problem is, Herrera isn’t the only person to claim to be the OG margarita maker. One of them was Francisco “Pancho” Morales who was a bartender in Mexico, who first mixed the cocktail in 1942 in Juárez, Mexico and then left to become a US citizen and work as a milkman for 25 years. He has the backing of the official Mexican newspaper — Notimex. The wildest story is this last one. Margarita Sames, a Dallas “higher class” citizen, believed she created the drink in her vacation home for her guests in Acapulco, Mexico in 1948. Tommy Hilton (yes… that Hilton) who was friends with Margarita attended the party, and then brought it back to his hotel chains and put it on the menu. But before he could even breath, Jose Cuervo, of the famous tequila brand, claimed he was already running ad campaigns for the drink in 1945, with the catchphrase, “Margarita: It’s more than a girl’s name.” Regardless of where the drink was first made, one thing is for certain — everyone was having fun. Thankfully, margaritas come in a ton of different varieties, it’s not a surprise why 76% of Americans enjoy a nice margarita. From strawberry and peach to mango and berry, to slightly stronger drinks with beer, to even having healthier versions like skinny margaritas and sportier cocktails (just swap out the triple sec for a Gatorade).

Recipe for a skinny Margarita

Serving for 4 people


6 fl oz Tequila (use quality tequila) 1/3 cup Lime juice (preferably freshly squeezed) 1 1/2 tsp Orange extract 3 tbsp Besti Powdered Monk Fruit Allulose Blend (or Keto Monk Fruit Simple Syrup) 5 cup Ice cubes (or more - see instructions) Sea salt (for salted rim) Lime wedges (for garnish)


Combine all ingredients (except sea salt and lime wedges) in a powerful blender. Blend using the ice crush setting until a slushy texture forms. Add more ice if needed to make about 32 fl oz (a little less than 1 L) total (for four 1-cup margaritas). Run a slice of lime around the rim of each glass. Dip the rim into a plate or shallow bowl covered in sea salt. Pour frozen margaritas into the glasses and garnish with lime.

Nutrition FactsAmount per serving. Serving size in recipe notes above. Calories 106; Fat 0.01g; Protein 0.1g; Total Carbs 1g; Net Carbs 0.9g; Fiber 0.1g;


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