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Seniors and caregivers are vulnerable to the flu

Cold and flu season is upon us again. In addition, Covid-19 will still be circulating in our communities.

Colds are infections of the upper respiratory tract (this is the sinuses, nasal passages, throat and larynx). They are caused by several different viruses but can be spread by touching a person with a cold, or an object touched by someone with a cold, and breathing the virus in the air after someone coughs or sneezes. Seasonal allergies, also known as hay fever or allergic rhinitis, occur when your immune system reacts to foreign substances – such as pollen, insects, grasses, pet dander, mold and more. Allergies often run in families. With both colds and allergies, it’s typical to have congestion or a runny nose and to sneeze often. You may also feel a bit run down or tired, but several other symptoms don’t overlap.

Some studies have shown that a little extra Vitamin C (but not too much) can reduce the risk of getting sick.

It’s best to get it through food, but a 200 mg supplement also works. But first, check with the doctor to be sure that the supplement would be safe for your older adult.

Not getting enough protein can also lower the immune response, so try to add fish, eggs, or yogurt to your and your older adult’s diets.

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