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Stay Active As You Get Older

Stay Active As You Get Older

Physical activity is good for people of all ages. Staying active can help you reduce the following:

  • Lower your risk of heart disease, stroke, type 2 diabetes, and some types of cancer

  • Improve your strength and balance so you can prevent injuries and stay independent

  • Lower your pain

  • Improve your mood

  • Improve symptoms of anxiety or depression

  • Improve your ability to think, learn, and make decisions

Before you start any exercise program you should always consult with your physician.

For more ways to get healthy in 2023, check out our Healthy tips in our BLOGS here at Decena Home Care. To learn more about us, visit our social media accounts FACEBOOK, INSTAGRAM, and TWITTER. At Decena Home Care, We are passionate and committed to providing excellent quality in-home services to help seniors enjoy their "golden years". Our company provides competent, trustworthy, and compassionate caregivers.

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