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Home Care: 5 Types of Daily Tasks Home Care Can Help Seniors Manage

Updated: Feb 18, 2022

Home Care: Is daily life becoming more complicated for your senior?

It can do so very quickly and in ways that may be surprising to both you and to your elderly family member. You may wish to consider hiring home care services to give you a helping hand.

Getting In and Out of Bed

As your elderly family member finds her health shifting, she may also find that simple tasks like getting up and getting on with her day are more difficult. Whether the problem is sore joints that haven’t moved all night or disorientation, having someone there with her can be tremendously helpful. Personal care at home can make sure your senior is able to get into and out of bed safely and easily.

Taking Showers or Baths

Bathing is another issue for many older adults. For some, being vulnerable in a bath or shower is incredibly upsetting. Other seniors find that it’s physically difficult to bathe properly. Whatever the difficulty, home care providers can be there for your senior to assist her with hygiene tasks.

Assisting with Mobility

Mobility is another concern. This can encompass a wide range of difficulties. There’s the ability to be mobile in her own home, moving from room to room safely. But there’s also the type of mobility that involves being out in public and going to appointments or running errands. Having help with these types of mobility issues is very freeing.

Eating Meals on a Regular Basis

If your elderly family member isn’t eating healthy meals routinely, that can cause her to feel more run down and fatigued than she should. Personal care at home can offer your senior a way to eat regularly. And if your elderly family member needs assistance eating, that’s available as well.

Home Care: Having a Safe and Clean Home

Safety is a big consideration for seniors, and safety can mean a lot more than just having an arm to lean on. If your elderly family member isn’t able to keep up with household tasks, such as keeping her home free of clutter and keeping it clean, that can be a problem. Assistance with those types of tasks can be what helps your senior to age in place for as long as she wants to do so.

There is a multitude of other tasks and situations that your elderly family member encounters every day. The types of assistance that she may need may vary, but it can be a huge relief to know that help is available.

If you or an aging loved-one is considering Home Care in Loudoun, VA, please contact the caring staff at Decena Home Care, LLC today. 571-508-7144
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